This DVD runs for 133 minutes. Format compatible with North America TV and computers.

If you use this DVD in Asia, Australia or Europe, DVD will display on computers.

Contains two seminars on dragon fruit from CRFG 2010 Festival of Fruit.

The slide show has over 100 photos from around the world about the use and culture of dragon fruit.

A half hour video by Edgar Valdivia with discussion of new varieties of dragon fruit from hybrid process.

How to grow dragon fruit for backyard and also for commercial ventures.
Romario Lobo does research at the South Coast Experiment Station in Irvine, California.
Romario Lobo is with University of California Cooporate Extension service.
The lecture is 50 minutes.

Grey Martin specialized in breeding and growing dragon fruit in Southern California.
Grey Martin lives in Bonsall and has a collection of very sweet, self fruiting dragon fruit cultivars.
The lecture is 58 minutes.

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This DVD is for personal viewing only. Images are not allowed for commercial purpose.
Copyright of images is owned by creator of image and video.

Time lapse of dragon fruit flower

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