The dragon fruit cactus came from the tropical jungles
of Central America. This plant can do well in partial shade.
The photos below show commercial growing in full sun.
The climate in Vietnam and Thailand is ideal for this plant.

Blue Dragon Garden in Vietnam (photo by Vo Van Thanh)
VUON THANH LONG Blue dragon garden in Phan Thiet

Rerngjit Liew posted this picture in WEBSHOT.
Chokchai Farm at Pakchong, Korat province in Thailand.

Dragon fruit plants on a gentle slope (Indo-China).

San Diego Bien Hoa Farm grows dragon fruit in greenhouses.

Dragon fruit does well, where pineapple and coconut grow.

Drainage ditches are used where the ground gets too wet.

Dragon Fruit plant in Vietnam, Jack Goh on right in the photo

My Opera photo sharing by Huynh Huy

All about dragon fruit

Planting in Malaysia farm

Malaysian farm at WEBSHOTS

Farm photo by Mr. Sa Kim Tran

Farm in Philippines by Blau Earth

I love Pitaya website

Awesome fruits

A book about good health and organic gardening

If you are interested in growing this plant, please read
this book for more information.