Gardeners in USA and Canada want to grow dragon fruit in pots.
This hardy plant can survive almost every environment, from the warm
areas on the west coast such as San Diego and Los Angeles in California,
to the cold northeast, as long as the plant is kept from freezing, it
will grow well with relatively little soil, for more info on the plant
and how to grow it check out our book on growing dragon fruit, or
click for info on this fruit and other exotics at this website here. The
photos below show different size plants. In order to get flower and
fruits, the vines have to grow over 10 pounds in weight.

This picture shows a bonsai cactus
plant about 3.5 inches tall. The green
part is hylocereus undatus. The yellow
top is grafted for decorative value.

Richard Sar took this photo of two
dragon fruit plants growing in tubs.
The plants flower and bear fruit in
coastal California.

Roger Washington in Florida grows dragon fruit in large plastic pots.
His company is call Notice the support structure
is not anchored in the pots. This allows Roger to change the pots and not
disturb the support trellis.

This wood planter box was demonstrated by Ramiro Lobo in August 2009.
The wood pole is 4 inch by 4 inch with holes near the top. The planter
has wheels for easy movement.

Plants in pots, growing in Thailand.

Twelve dragon fruit growers got together in San Diego October 2005 to
compare the harvest. The flesh of the fruit range from white to pink to deep red.
The pink fruits come from hybrid seeds between the red and the white flesh plants.
Photos were taken by Edgar Valdivia who lives in Simi Valley.

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If you are interested in growing this plant, please read
this book for more information.