Dragon fruit

Cactus fruit from Vietnam related to epiphyllum.
Epiphyllum are called orchid cactus because of the
large and impressive flowers. Some epiphyllum will
bear fruit with cross pollination. Pitahaya is the
Spainish name for the fruiting vines from tropical
Central America. The vine usually has 3 ribs cross-
section. The plant was imported to Vietnam. The
pitahaya will cross pollenate with the epiphyllum.
The thornless dragon fruit is a bit like the kiwi
and can weight up to 3 pounds.

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According to Quang Ong, this is how to get more flowers
from the dragon fruit. Use Bandini "Super Bloom" fertilizer,
which has a 0-10-10 label (or 2-10-10). In the Western
Garden Book, low nitrogen fertilizer is recommended. In
Paul Thomson's book, there is a discussion about avoiding
full sun and using shade to get more flowers and fruits.

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