Important Questions

Will dragon fruit grow in my location ?
How much water does this plant need ?
How many years from new cutting to fruit bearing plant?
How fast will this plant grow ?
What is the shape of this plant in its natural habitat ?
What is the shape of this plant when used in home landscape?
How to induce the plant to flower, to fruit and to bear large fruit?
Is cross pollination required to bear fruit?
How long does it take to bear a fruit from the open of flower?

What is a reasonable yield per acre ?
Will USA be a significant producer of dragon fruit ?
Why is dragon fruit so rare in USA markets ?
What is the fascination with dragon fruit?
What is the sugar content of the fruit (how sweet) ?
How fast is the whole market growing ?
How long is the season when the fruit is available?
Are the price for dragon fruit coming down ?
What is the best time to pick the fruit ?
Will the color or sugar content improve after the fruit is picked ?
How long will a fruit remain in good condition after picking?
What is the shelf life of a fruit after it is picked from the plant?

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