Support system for an umbrella (or mushroom) shape

This picture was taken at the South Coast Test Station in Irvine, California.
The system was designed by Ramiro Lobo. A word of caution: the exposed tips
of the horizontal wires can be dangerous. It is suggested the the sharp tips
should be bend back 180 degrees so that there are no sharp points. The plant
is trained to go up the center wood pole (4 inch by 4 inch) and pass through
the horizontal wire grid. The smaller wires are supported by two re-bars that
pass though the vertical wood pole. The vines grow horizontal and hang down
above the horizontal wires. The re-bars are placed about 5 feet from the ground.
Some growers have 2 or 3 vines going up to the top. Gray Martin said he use a
single upward vine and that works best.

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